New Cascadia

2016 National Observed and Statutory Holidays

1st - Independence Day – Stat

8th - Feast of St Valentine’s
13th - World Radio Day
21st - International Mother Language Day

3rd - World Wildlife Day
8th - International Women’s Day
8th – 3rd Annual National Beer & Wine Event
20th - International Day of Happiness 
21-28th - National Happiness Week
21st - Princess Mosaic I Nameday
21st - International Day of Forests
22nd - World Water Day
28th - Prince Riis I Nameday

6th - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
7th - World Health Day
8th - World Oceans Day
17th - World Day to Combat Desertification
22nd - Earth Day
23rd - World Book and Copyright Day/English Language Day/Shakespeare’s Nameday
30th - International Jazz Day

10th - Mother’s Day
10-11th - World Migratory Bird Day
15th - International Day of Families
17th - World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
23rd - Queen’s Day – Stat
29th - International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

5th - World Environment Day
20th World Refugee Day
21st - Father’s Day
21st - Queen Kirsten I Nameday – Stat
25th - World Seafarer Day

1st - Canada Day – Stat
11 - 12th - Farm Day
30th – International Day of Friendship

1st - BC Day – Stat
9th - International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
12th - International Youth Day
19th - World Humanitarian Day

1st – Dame Reverend Pinchbeck Nameday
5th – International Day of Charity
8th – International Literacy Day
21st – International Day of Peace
25th – World Rivers Day  - Great Shoreline Cleanup Event 

25th – World Maritime Day
27th – World Tourism Day

6th - World Habitat Day
9th - World Post Day
10th - Thanksgiving – Stat
16th - World Food Day
24th - United Nations Day
31st - Halloween

10th - World Science Day for Peace and Development
11th - Day of National Defence – stat
14th - World Diabetes Day
16th - International Day for Tolerance
20th - World Philosophy Day
21st - World Television Day

5th - World Soil Day
10th - Human Rights Day
11th - International Mountain Day
20th - International Human Solidarity Day
25th - Christmas - Stat
26th - Feast of New Cascadia - Stat

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