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New Cascadia

The Empire of New Cascadia was formed in 2002 and is benevolently ruled over by Her Majesty Queen Kirsten I, direct descendant of O'Kaui Kamakaui, Ali'i of the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Its Capitol City is located in New Cascadia's Haney Province, which is surrounded entirely by British Columbia, Canada. New Cascadia also owns and annexes physical land claims in its Dunbar Province as well as manages stewardship claims in the Draco and Auriga Constellations.

​Its main exports are labour, services, agricultural products and natural resources.


Immigration is closed at this time. We are not accepting new citizens.

​Contact us to submit an application for trade, travel or annexation.

Founded - Jan 1, 2002
Regime - Absolute Monarchy
Reigning Monarch - Queen Kirsten I
Capitol - Capitol City, Haney Province
Total Land Area - 7.6 ha.
     ♔ Haney Province - 818 sq m.
     ♔ Dunbar Province - 640 sq m.
     ♕ Dunbar Annex - 18.5 ac. 
Population - 5 (Immigration is currently closed)
Government - Ministries of: Export & Foreign Affairs, Treasury, Defence, Environment, Agriculture, Archives, Religious Affairs, and Charitable Affairs
Motto - "All You See Before You"
Official Languages - English, Hawaiian, Kwakʼwala
National Anthem - Sleepwalk

Royal Anthem - Hawai'i '78
Currency - Canadian Dollar & Canadian Tire money

​National Sport - Geocaching

National Food - New Cascadian House Ribs

​Time zones:  

    ♔ CST - Cascadian Standard Time (GMT-7.45)

    ♔ CWT - Cascadian Weekend Time (GMT-6.45)